Print a Motion

When you press the Upload Model button, the model will be uploaded to our Shapeways store: Saltire Design. The upload should only take a minute or two. After your model has been uploaded, Shapeways processes it for printability. This step takes a few minutes.

Before uploading, you should animate your linkage in order to verify that it has the expected motion.

Once it is uploaded to Shapeways, you will be provided a link to your model on Saltire Design. Your model may not be immediately ready to print when this link is first made available. On our Shapeways store, you will be able to determine the price of your model in different colors, materials, and finishes. At this point, you will be able to purchase your model. Model costs depend on size, but are typically range between 40 and 60 dollars.

Your model will remain available on our store for a few days to allow further orders.

Coupler Length (c)
1.50 4.50

Offset Distance (off)
0.00 1.00

CL Value
0.00 4.00

CP Value
0.00 6.00

Rotation of the Crank (theta)
0.00 360.00

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Uploading your model to Shapeways

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Technical Info:

Lengths of the links are relative to the crank, which is considered one unit length. When printed, the crank will be 2cm long, and the other links will scale appropriately.

The parameters used in the linkages are the same as those used in our Atlas of the Four Bar Linkage.

You will be able to choose a color in Shapeways for your model. However, please note that the coloring is a post-process, as is polishing. For fastest turnaround, choose White Strong and Flexible.

Note that there is a limit to the size of models which can be colored. Larger linkages will need to be white.